There is a distinct tension between what humans need to survive on this planet, which is our only home, and the natural world, which is not necessarily arranged to welcome our relatively weak, unprotected species. It is up to us, as the owners of big brains, creative abilities, and opposable thumbs to make our way in this world without endangering all the creatures who live on earth along with us. The art I create is in reaction to these concepts. I hope you enjoy the images to follow, which are current works, and that you are prompted to reflect on the beauty of our home, and the creatures who share it with us as well as how we can return the bounty which is our birthright so that future generations may thrive here.

Painting with watercolors was essentially my entree back into art as an adult. Watercolors is an incredibly expressive representational medium when describing atmosphere and water. Using them to sketch architecture is unmatched in versatility because you can lightly cartoon in the buildings and perspective and then add incredible amounts of information through the use of the available pigments. The way the wet pigments blend and mix produce visually exciting new colors, useful when exploring abstraction as well as when I wish to represent movement. When watercolor pigment is mixed with other media, it becomes manipulable as oil paint, but, for me, is much more manageable.

Sculpture and ceramics are other media in which my art finds expression. As I think in “3D”, these media enable expression of ideas which cannot be otherwise realized. You will find my most recent works in this blog, but I will also create an archive of older work I think is indicative of my artistic journey.

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