Back to the Dragons of Spring and Summer

As I continue to work on the Steel Tornado, new ideas surface, including a possible addition in the shape and form of a free standing Chinese style dragon. As far as I know, dragons represented the coming of Spring and Summer, with accompanying rains, storms and heat. In the face of the extreme weather we experienced last week, in the form of a “direcho”, which left millions in my region of the country without power for a number of record breaking scorchingly hot and humid days, it seems right that one of these mythological, powerful creatures should stand outside the tornado, lending its’ strength to the weather event.

Sheet steel, cut and laid out with many spare parts.

I cut out multiple leg and claw options so that I may choose which pieces I like best. Once I have deformed the steel limbs, I will weld them onto the main body. Once that is done, I have a few more decisions to make about this piece: Is it valid on its own, or does it get added to the Steel Tornado.

Sheet steel cutouts of a dragon with one limb arrangement possiblity.

The dragon is laid out with possible leg arrangements so I can decide what I will do for the next step in this sculpture. I am not sure if this particular piece will be added to the Steel Tornado or if it will result in a unique piece that can stand on its own merits.

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