Finally! The tornado stands on its own!

The tornado stands!!! I found a couple items that one of the other artists, Jason Kim, had used as welding practice which seemed likely to become part of a base for this sculpture. I asked him if I might incorporate the practice pieces into my sculpture and he said I could, so I went back to the welder and fused the two hunks of metal to my growing sculpture. Judge for yourself if you think they are effective. I am mostly happy the piece can now stand on its own! Of course, I will be making it available for purchase, once I put some finishing touches on it.

Base made of rectangular steel pipes, MIG welded together with round steel rods.

The closeup doesn’t really give a good idea of how the entire structure feels. I took some other photos of the sculpture in the studio, so you can see how the entire object looks. More photos are to come…

Sheet metal and steel rods, MIG welded together